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Arjun Zack

Ek Kahani Gulabjamun Love Samosa


I love you too #Love❤ poem✍🧡🧡💛 #love❤

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I love you too

Say you love me
And I'll say it to you
Say you'll be mine forever
And I'll be yours too

Be with me always
Until death we will part
All the bad times and good
You will be in my heart

Love will keep us together
Never will we break
The power of our love
Makes my heart ache

©Schizology I love you too

#love❤ #poem✍🧡🧡💛


Infinite ×2 #Love❤ poem✍🧡🧡💛 #OldPoem #love❤

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Infinite ×2

I could write an
Infinite amount of words
To describe your beauty
But it wouldn't be nearly enough
To define it accurately

There aren't enough trees
In the universe
To make the paper
And write the words
To document your beauty
Your beam of light shines bright
Enough to illuminate
From here to infinity

©Schizology Infinite ×2

#love❤ #poem✍🧡🧡💛 #OldPoem


#Love#Love #Trending #viral #Couple #pyaar #romance #nojohindi Life Lalit Saxena vineetapanchal Bhanu Priya हिमांशु Kulshreshtha irslan khan Nîkîtã Guptā #love❤

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Rangaswamy Naika

#Love#Love LO√€ loV€fOR€v€R Life #love❤

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#Love#Love #Trending #viral #Couple #romance #pyaar #nojohindi Life Dr. uvsays Ashutosh Mishra हिमांशु Kulshreshtha डॉ मनोज सिंह,बोकारो स्टील सिटी,झारखंड। (कवि,संपादक,अंकशास्त्री,हस्तरेखा विशेषज्ञ 7004349313) Ravi Ranjan Kumar Kausik Lalit Saxena #love❤

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love you zindagi

Dil❤ love❤ Muskurana🙏 Smile😊 sochna🤔 #Life

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Muskurane ke liye sochne ki kya jarurat😊

©love you zindagi #Dil❤ #love❤ #Muskurana🙏 #Smile😊 #sochna🤔


You'd look better in my arms #you #Love❤ poem✍🧡🧡💛 #love❤

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You'd look better in my arms

Nothing would look better
Except you close to me
Which would make me stutter
Only you I would want it to be

Nothing would feel nicer
Except you near to me
Nothing would be finer
Only you is what I want to see

Nothing else could compare
Except you sitting beside me
And my heart will only tear
If it does not get to be free

Nothing else I would need
Except you to be around me
Happy I would be indeed
As I eagerly make my plea

Nothing more I would desire
Except you and your charms
Saying it I will never tire
You'd look better in my arms

©Schizology You'd look better in my arms

#you #love❤ #poem✍🧡🧡💛

Vijaykumar Kunchur