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Abhishek Jha

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Divya Singh

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Amreen sheikh

#demons #Poetry

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Betwixt two destinies, I stand, torn apart,
Whispered choices caress my weary heart.
Shall I embrace the demons' tempting plight,
Or walk alongside my wicked shadow's light?

In the depths of my soul, a battle ensues,
A dance with darkness, where evil accrues.
The cadaver of my past, a haunting specter,
A reminder of choices that once did infect her.

Yet, amidst this struggle, a flicker of hope,
A chance to break free from this wicked trope.
To rise above the darkness, to find my own way,
To banish the cadaver and let my spirit sway.

In this cosmic dance of light and shade,
I'll choose to embrace the path that's self-made.
For in the depths of my being, I hold the power,
To transcend the darkness, and bloom like a flower.

© Amreen sheikh #demons

Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet)

All you need is that lost key,
To unlock that door standing in your way,
Rather than choosing to stay,
Locked in your own prison like a helpless stray,
To face your demons at bay,
And let them know that you are out there to slay.

©Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet) #lost #key #unlock #door #way #stay #helpless #stray #demons #slay