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Varadhan P M

       MISS CORONA.  2
Proud of your otherside !!
Have revived ancient Indian practices
Made the world praise and follow
Brought Work and Home under one roof
Pollution, Noise, Ailments, Diseases
Big or small ---vanished altogether !
Showed the way for Loving, Caring and Sharing in families...
Are You good or Bad , Miss Corona ??  #pandemic #infectious #hygienepractices #model ,#habits#awareness

Varadhan P M

           MISS CORONA.     1
Lockup  is for the culprits--big or small
Lock down is for the cultured -one and all
You are invisible, yet omnipotent like God
Roaming all over the World, like a Lord !
Caused greater toll than all the world wars !!
Collapsed economy, shares, trades, jobs and all !!  #infectious #pandemic #epidemic_corona #loss#downfall

Sharada Banan

Your smile  so contagious
refuse to fade away
your smile is incurable
and I don't mind
suffering from this disease
life long #Smile #contagious #infectious #nizoto

Dinakar Reddy

Tell me how to hate you? #Hate #Infectious #Smile #dinakarreddy

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Every day i do analyse and collects reasons to hate you
all those reasons gets nullified  after watching your infectious smile. #NojotoQuote Tell me how to hate you?
#hate #infectious #smile #dinakarreddy

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