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Concrete living #Cement #concrete #Pavement #Poetry

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Concrete living

Concrete and pavement
Cement and asphalt
Trees are removed
Nature comes to a halt

Buildings and parking lots
Spread out and across
No flowers can be seen
Nature will become lost

Factories that pollute
Vehicles that emit smoke
Damaging our wildlife
Leaving nature to croak

Animals search for food
Habitation destroyed
Now forced to relocate
They must be annoyed

If a wild animal arrives
Be pleasant and nice
Give them a meal 
Don't be cold as ice

©Schizology Concrete living

#Cement #concrete #Pavement


#road #rain #bus #travel #traveling #clgdays #visiting #nature #wood #architecture #outdoors #old #tree #building #vintage #light #pavement

Drishti Rao

Shaded Shelter #poem

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He sat outside 
On the pavement
In the scorching heat
His body felt as though it was on fire
And he was afraid
That he would burn away
And leave behind just his ashes
For people to walk over
As they passed by

He wondered at what his existence meant
Rummaging in the garbage cans
For small crumbs of food
To sustain himself 
Until the day faded
And the next day arrived
With more garbage to rummage through

He watched as people hurried across the pavement
The pavement ...
The place he knew as home
Which was nothing but a block of concrete
That people trod on
As they hurried to their destinations

He wore a piece of filthy cloth
As a toga
Around himself
And considered himself lucky
To have atleast
Just that one piece of cloth
To give him some privacy
And to relieve him
From having to sit naked 
On the heated pavement

He looked up at the sky
For the thousandth time
To the gods he believed resided there
And asked but just one favor
A relief from the heat
That was burning through to his very soul
Just a shaded shelter
Where he could lay
As he lay pathetically
On the pavement 

The young orphaned homeless boy
Was seen to all
But his sufferings were his alone
People passed him constantly 
On their way to and fro
But none stopped 
And none offered him anything
They just had a glance to spare for him
On rare occasions
And with the glace they cringed away
Not wanting to be polluted by him

All he wanted 
Was a shaded shelter
A place that he could call home
Apart from the dirty heated pavement
That he was used to 
If god would just answer his one prayer
And do him just this one favor
He would forever be grateful
And not ask for more Shaded Shelter

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