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Akshay Vasu

Amidst all this darkness, soul-wrenching pain, and disappointments, you have a heart that still believes in love, trust, and second chances. And that, my dear, is what makes you so beautiful.

©Akshay Vasu You are beautiful

#akshayvasu #beautiful #soul #pain #darkness #inspiration

Ila Writes

whenever i think, how can be someone so selfish!!!
ahhaa .....
they can be just because they aren't a pure hearted soul just like you!!!
. yeah you are a pure soul...😬

yeah you are a pure soul...😬

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khalifa Al-sidiq

let your pen 
sermon the breath of god in you
let the ink 
set free the godly thoughts in you
let the pages
take to men that which you carved from words.
you are the artisan of the to be said. you are a poet
your are a pen 
you are a thought
you are an artisan

you are a poet your are a pen you are a thought you are an artisan

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Mazhu Trakha

It feels as though I've found the love I've    
                      longed for so long;
Fell in love with her beautiful soul and mind,
Each time I hear her voice, I smile gladly
Each time I saw her face, my eyes twinkle  
                    brighter for I see what I wanted to
Her smile makes me over-think beyond.
And her kindness makes me fall deeper in
              love with her which I never thought of!
Dreaming of her feels as though reality.
Oh, isn't it so much of romance with love?????
        But It seems I've met her too late;
        When she's already someone's bride.
        Never thought she's already someone's;
        It makes my mind restless thinking of it,
        And it breaks my heart to know the truth
        That she's just a part of me for a moment
        Thought the loves and laughter we    
                   shared will last till our last breath!       
         Never thought you'll leave me in grief!
What was I dreaming of, you? A future  
                   and love with you?
Oh, how beautiful and amazing it was!
Wish it was reality, not only in my sleep and 
                   mind that lingers every time 
But as you've found your groom,
Let me not in your beautiful journey of love.
May each step you take, takes you closer to 
                  your love!
If we take steps apart from this love of ours',
Don't get wrong with this poor man but do 
I'm gonna let her go for her good outcomes
And That I love her so much,  
And I'll always love her till my last breath!
But just to free her from chaos in her love,
I'm letting her go for I can't stand her ways
No matter how much I love her!
But she knew I've already fallen and love her;
Though the moment we shared was short
And I'm glad she knew for that's only how I can express her my feelings
Despite the hurts deep inside my heart
                    behind my smiles!😊😊😊😊😊

Mazhu/Marvel Trakha!!!!! #"A Beautiful Lady With A Beautiful Soul"!

#"A Beautiful Lady With A Beautiful Soul"!

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Innocent Girl😊😘

#nojoto " baba gives you peace " 
😇 # you are beautifull soul #lakshita auja

nojoto " baba gives you peace " 😇 # you are beautifull soul #lakshita auja




You are beautiful Insan ki sudarta uske dil
me hotii hai chahre me nahi
magar duniya bhi kya chij hai
chehre ki khubsurati ke pichey bhagti haidil ki khubsurati ko tod jati hai #you#are#beautiful#quotes#poem#stories#shayari#music

Ahaana Singh

The road was dark when, when he was not with me and at that my shadow asked me that today you are alone your soul is not with you you are my soul 💘

you are my soul 💘

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Vedanti Pravas

Its okay to cry...
just be yourself and let your emotions come out #stopjudgingyourself.... just be who your are...😘 a beautiful soul😊

#stopjudgingyourself.... just be who your are...😘 a beautiful soul😊

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friendship  are like a soul frndship are like a soul

frndship are like a soul

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Ragini Jha

you are a core part of my life heart soul.

you are a core part of my life heart soul. #poem



Arpit Munet

You are chirpy like waves and calm like mountains.

-arpitmunet You are beautiful.

You are beautiful. #thought

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You are beautiful With a pure heart and pure soul,
Who ever will be with you will feel whole,
You are perfect from all poles,
With that small beauty moles,
Whoever doesn't recognize your beauty will be a biggest fool..

Nabila.V #You are beautiful

#you are beautiful

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Nutan Jayashree Pandey

I hope, your lenses make me beautiful...
But not the lenses of your camera, 
rather the lenses of your eyes... #NojotoQuote you are beautiful..!

you are beautiful..!

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You are beautiful

You are beautiful




You are beautiful Because you think..... everyone is so beautiful...
people ,who are beautiful by their heart ...they are actually beautiful not they :::who, are beautiful by their face...... you are beautiful

you are beautiful

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Aman Verma

In your eyes I can see The beauty of heaven staring straight at me.
 Your smile brightens Each and every day Warming up the atmosphere With anything you say.
Your voice is angelic chasing away the cold bringing out the spring waiting for life to unfold.
The greatest thing about you Is the beauty that's inside A rose so beautiful that it's impossible for you to hide.
 No one can be perfect but you come very close.
 Everything about you Has perfection's dose You are beautiful

You are beautiful

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Natkhat kalam

You are beautiful      Yes, you are beautiful
and you don't need a proof for it
you have a kind heart and beautiful soul
and someone will definitely find it
don't be scared and demotivated
when people will judge you by their own view
it will not effect your life untill you accept it
 be brave and take the challange 
i know you can definitely win it
everytime when you feel low
remember who has made you
he had put lots of qualities in you
so there is no need to be afraid here
look for the treasure that is within you
and i know one day you will definately find it you are beautiful

you are beautiful

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Prateek Cricketer

you are so beautiful send me a gift

©Prateek Cricketer
  #MemeBanao you are so beautiful send a gift

#MemeBanao you are so beautiful send a gift #Shayari



Bharath Nandibhatla

When I'm not writing
these lines,
I'm writing
between them.

When you read 
between the lines I write,
it's poetry.
When you read
beyond the lines I write,
you're a poem.

 I'm a poet trying to be a poem.

#poet #poem #you

I'm a poet trying to be a poem. #Poet #poem #you

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I am not alone because  I have my soul 
in which
many lives
who always #You all are in my soul

#you all are in my soul

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Arti Yadav

जिंदगी मुश्किलों से कितना भी भरा क्यों ना हों,,,, किसी के आगे रोना नहीं चाहिए, क्योंकि जीना हर हाल में हैं,, किसी को परेशानी बताकर मन हल्का भले हो जाए,,, मगर हमारी परेशानी, चर्चित जरुर हों जायेगी 👍👍

©Arti Yadav
  you are sour 😃

you are sour 😃 #ज़िन्दगी



Mera Junoon Official

A Beautiful Poem
#Englishpoetry #Beautiful #poem

Shubhra Singh

In a world full of myriad makeup options and numerous filters, 
I look forward to people who only adorn their confidence.
If you are looking for what to put on today,
Wear your divine smile with confidence.
Believe me you are beautiful even without makeup and filters. you are beautiful the way you are 😍

you are beautiful the way you are 😍 #Quote

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Faisal Zaidi

 A harsh man with a beautiful soul

A harsh man with a beautiful soul #Poetry

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Shivan Sharma

#you are most beautiful

#you are most beautiful



Durga sri vani

You are beautiful because of the light 
you carry inside you. ✨❤

©Durga sri vani #ChaltiHawaa you are beautiful

#ChaltiHawaa you are beautiful #Quotes

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You are beautiful Khubsurti seerat ki hoti hai

Surat ki nahi... You are beautiful🌹

You are beautiful🌹

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