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July 2021 #July 2021 poem✍🧡🧡💛 #Poetry

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July 2021

Quiet and still
No one is awake
Silent and calm
A poem I will make

A fresh breeze
Not very strong
Just enough
To help me along

A fountain
Is very near
Water flows
Clearly I can hear

Someone walks
Down the street
Maybe the same
And can't 

Light a smoke
Relax a bit
On the bench
Is where I sit

I could walk
To the yard
Smoke a joint
It's not that far

It's so good
East to west
Money for the nation

Some will grow
A few too
So much better
And safer it's true

I prefer
A social toke
Two good friends
Laugh and joke

Time to end
My poem here
Roll a joint
And I'll say cheers...

©Schizology July 2021

#July #2021 #poem✍🧡🧡💛

pratibha pahuja

#moon_day pariksha aur kab tak #SAD

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Shivani Sharma 'Shivi'

Pta hai sabse jyada hurt kab hote hai 💔 #Trending #shivanisharmashivi #nojohindi #viral #Heart #Broken #शायरी

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Tahir Ahmed


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Nhfdghjg Cgghjj

eid_mubarak bakrid

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Nhfdghjg Cgghjj

#rajdhani_night bakrid

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Mohammed Althaf

bakrid # #Bhakti

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Insan kab Badal jaaye pata nahin chalta hai #Shayari

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Ravi Raj Rathore

#eidkachand kab mil rhe.. m #लव

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Tarot Reader , Astrologer #astrology

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