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When feeling lost 
I find meaning in
Everything that is around me,
I find meaning in
Old memories,
I find meaning in
I find meaning in
I find meaning in
I find meaning in
Myself .


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log chodkar kiu jate h

log tab chodkr jate hai jab sari jarurat puri ho jati h.
log tab chodkr jate hai jab hmari ahmiyat Puri ho jati h.
 log tab chodkr jate h jab hmari koi jarurat nai rhti h. 
log chod dete h aksar jab koi jyada rich person mil jata h.
lod tab chod dete hai jab dil bhar jata hai humse kuch time bad.
 tab chod dete h log jab unki nazro m hamari koi value nai reh jati..
log tab chod dete h jab koi jism mil jata h hwas mitane k liye..
log tab chod dete h jab dil me love nai nafrat reh jati h.
 log tab chod dete h jab face dekhkr din kharab hone lag jata h.. 
log tab chod dete h jab hmari pyari lagne wali bate chutiya lgne lag jati h.


Shi kha na

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aisā ishq hai urdu zabāñ kaa, 

mazā ghultā hai lafzoñ kā zabāñ par 

ki jaise paan meñ mahñgā qimām ghultā hai 

ye kaisā ishq hai urdu zabāñ kaa.... 

nasha aatā hai urdu bolne meñ 

gilaurī kī tarah haiñ muñh lagī sab istelāheñ 

lutf detī hai, halaq chhūtī hai urdu to, halaq se jaise mai kā ghoñT utartā hai 

baḌī aristocracy hai zabāñ meñ 

faqīrī meñ navābī kā mazā detī hai urdu 

agarche ma.anī kam hote hai urdu meñ 

alfāz kī ifrāt hotī hai 

magar phir bhii, buland āvāz paḌhiye to bahut hī mo'tabar lagtī haiñ bāteñ 

kahīñ kuchh duur se kānoñ meñ paḌtī hai agar urdu 

to lagtā hai ki din jāḌoñ ke haiñ khiḌkī khulī hai, dhuup andar aa rahī hai 

ajab hai ye zabāñ, urdu 

kabhī kahīñ safar karte agar koī musāfir sher paḌh de 'mīr', 'ġhālib' kā 

vo chāhe ajnabī ho, yahī lagtā hai vo mere vatan kā hai 

baḌī shā.ista lahje meñ kisī se urdu sun kar 

kyā nahīñ lagtā ki ek tahzīb kī āvāz hai, urdu

love for urdu 😍😍❤️

✍️ gulzar sahab

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This philosopher 'predicted' what would happen in 2017

He was right about Trump and Modi. Will he be right about 2017?
Mention the name Nostradamus and some people will say that he predicted almost the entire history of humankind. Two of his 'predictions' seem to have come true with the victory of Donald Trump and the rise of Narendra Modi.
He 'predicted' the rise of "the great shameless, audacious bawler". Some people have interpreted this as being about Trump.
His prophecies written in four line verses called quatrains and in different languages have been open to study and interpretation for years now.
Here are some verses from his work that could very well be about what we can expect in 2017.

1. Floods and droughts

For forty years the rainbow will not be seen.

For forty years it will be seen every day.

The dry earth will grow more parched,

and there will be great floods when it is seen.

Possible Meaning:
Nostradamus could very well be talking about climate change which has been a big issue for years now. Will climate change reach fever pitch in 2017?

2. A battle during the sunset
Shortly before sun set, battle is engaged.

A great nation is uncertain.

Overcome, the sea port makes no answer,

the bridge and the grave both in foreign places.

Possible Meaning:

Could this be about the attack on Mosul where Daesh is on the run?

3. A time of peace prosperity

Pestilences extinguished, the world becomes smaller,

for a long time the lands will be inhabited peacefully.

People will travel safely through the sky (over) land and seas:

then wars will start up again.

Possible Meaning:

It would be great if there were no conflicts for a while. But the question is could we maintain the peace? Or would wars start again as is stated in the last verse of the quatrain.

4. A controversy in a royal family
Letters are found in the queen's chests,

no signature and no name of the author.

The ruse will conceal the offers;

so that they do not know who the lover is.

Possible Meaning:

Which country is it? With so much talk about the British monarchy in the past year, could it be about the Queen?

5. The waning power of the West
Twice put up and twice cast down,

the East will also weaken the West.

Its adversary after several battles

chased by sea will fail at time of need.

Possible Meaning:

In recent news, China and Russia have been on the rise. The United States will aim to focus on internal matters once Trump comes to power. The property mogul has time and again said that, with the help of his fellow Americans, he will "Make America great again". Could this affect the United States' power equation with countries in the Far East?

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*Honest letter from a guy to his crush who has finally agreed*

Voh right swipe aasaan tha,
Voh baatein aasaan thi,
Voh mulaakatein aasaan thi,
Voh iqraar aasaan tha,
Voh pyaar aasaan tha

Mujhse pyaar karne ke liye shukriya,
Par mere kuch sach the,
Joh bataane the tumhe,
Aur jaanna tha tumse,
Ki yeh sab sach jaankar bhi,
Kya tab bhi mujhse pyaar karogi?

Kya tab bhi mujhse pyaar karogi,
Agar jaanogi ki meri voh
#AvidReader #AvidTraveller #wanderlust #Sapiosexual banne ki baatein sab jhooth thi, fareb thi?
Agar jaanogi iss jhooth aur fareb ke bavajood isse zyaada sach mere dil ne kabhi nahi bola?

Kya tab bhi mujhse pyaar karogi
Agar jaanogi mein beatles nahi,
Altaaf Raja sunta hun,
Agar jaanogi mein Dan Brown nahi,
Chetan Bhagat ko padta hun
Agar jaanogi ki Christophar Nolan par nahi,
Main toh DDLJ ke Raj aur Simran par marta hun.

Kya tab bhi Mujhse pyaar karogi agar jaanogi,
Ki meri salary kam hai,
Ki main chindi hun,
Ki main toh waiter se tax ke liye bhi lad padta hun,
Par tumhaare saamne, sirf aur sirf tumhaare saamne
Bina bill dekhe, apna card aage rakh "I'll pay the bill" bol padta hun

Kya tab bhi mujhse pyaar karogi,
Agar jaanogi ki haath se pizza pehle bhi uth jaata tha mujhse,
Par ab chhuri aur kaantein se usi pizza ko uthaane waali backchodi seekh li hai maine

Kya tab bhi mujhse pyaar karogi,
Agar jaanogi, engineering sahi se padi nahi maine,
Par tumhaare liye,
Ab main feminism pad raha hun.
Izzat toh humesha se karta tha tumhaari aur sabhi ladkiyon ki,
Par usko feminism bolkar khud ke hi charitr par leepa poti kar raha hun

Kya tab bhi Mujhse pyaar karogi,
Agar jaanogi ki tumhaare pehle main 'not here for hookups' toh nahi tha main
Par sach toh yeh hai ki tumhaare pehle kisi ne chance hi nahi diya

Kya tab bhi mujhse pyaar karogi,
Agar janaogi ki sach yeh bhi hai ki tumhaare baad kisi se chance ki zarurat bhi nahi lagti hai


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