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On one side, you are fighting against all odds
and on the other, you are fortunate to have a 
supportive family; eventually everything balances 🤍

©Vartika #family #above #Evwrything


Above water #above poem✍🧡🧡💛 #Mind #Thoughts

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Above water

I fall back one step
But I move closer two steps
I might lose the race 
But I will keep pace

I roll down the hill
But I reach the top faster
I might not climb well
But I'm feeling swell

I dropped the grocery bag
But the items are still safe
I might not have a grip
But I surely will not slip

I broke the egg it splattered
But the yolk is edible
I might not be strong
But I sure won't go wrong

I didn't get the answer right
But it was a good question
I may not be too smart
Though I try with all my heart

I swore I wouldn't attend
But there I sit at center
I might not be very cool
But you will be my fuel

I promised I would forget
Repeating myself each day
Your comment has purged
Into my head and merged

I told them I didn't want any
But I now have three dozen
I try my best to ignore that
So I'm still tipping my hat

©Schizology Above water

#above #poem✍🧡🧡💛 #Mind

Puja Shaw

None can take, Anyone's place 
Nowhere in between
They may Lie beneath Or Stay Above ..!!

©Puja Shaw #nojotoenglish #3liner #none #Beneath #above #life #place #God

Rashim Anugrah

mute video

Rashim Anugrah

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make a wish.
send it up above.
wait for an answer.
relax--the answer's 
on its way. #wish #above #answer #faith #yqbaba