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Mon 10 July 23
6:48 P:M
last part of 4
Hope you all would understand my pain, my suffering, my despair. He would see the darkness that surrounds me and know that there is no hope for me. I'm a broken bird, unable to fly, and I'm left with nothing but the darkness that consumes me.

conclusion !

©KhaultiSyahi #BeOriginal #khaultisyahi #Life_experience #MyPoetry #mypoems #poem #Poet #poetcommunity #brokenwings #cant fly 👉✍️🤫

deepali sethi mehndiratta

Broken Wings

My broken wings
lie strewn around
As if asking me 
Why did I not fly?
When the world was at my feet
Why did I wait for my prince in 
shining armour?
When I could fly alone
Soaring the heights of success
I had wings to make the world mine
But I chose to wait
For my prince to fly with me
But what I didn't know was
He didn't want me to fly
All he wanted was me to be 
tied down in chains
Never to fly again
The wings which once wanted 
to take on the world 
Forgot how to fly
And one day the feathers just scattered all over
 #brokenwings #shattered #flyhigh #trapped #yqbaba #yopowrimo

jivraj Singh Rajput

Aditi Singh


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Hawao ne rukh moda h☁🍃
tumne bhi toh najane kitna juthbola h 😏😑
or aaj mere Roone pr 😞ye dilasa kaisa 
Bhul gye Kya    
 tumne hi toh yeh dil toda h 💔 
-Broken Wings 😇


nojoto #BrokenWings

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Log aksar dhoka de jate hain.. 
Par yaadein hamesha sath deti..... #nojoto #brokenwings

Satyaprem Upadhyay

Mr Mister - Broken wings #BrokenWings #MrMister #MustListen #Amazing #Music

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Mr Mister - Broken wings 
 #BrokenWings #MrMister #MustListen #Amazing

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