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Vandana Saar

nature | Vacation | Adventures memories

Someshwar Sonekar

#beautifulnight house

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kinjal mehta

Only i need is 'YOU'. #beautifulnight #lefthand_sound

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Priya sharma

"चाँद और वो रात" love life #Moon #yqbaba #yqdidi #yqlove #beautifulnight #girlwithasmile

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किसी की चाहत थी वो रात,
किसी के लिए राहत थी वो रात,

पर उस चाँद की तुलना ना करना हुज़ूर,

जिसकी इबादत थी वो रात।। "चाँद और वो रात"



The deepest night
The darkest sky
Everywhere is silent
But I hear your voice
I recall those beautiful days
It brings me peace
It gives me hope
It makes me happy
We have miles to go
We have things are pending 
I want to talk to you before sleep
It makes my dreams beautiful Deepest Night 
#inspiration #lovetowrite #happynight #poems #beautifulnight #darkysky #love #poetry


O' Moon!!
You are so beautiful
You are so bright
Beautiful moon alone in the sky
Glowing brightly in the sky
Darkness everywhere, silent everywhere 
Still he smiles beautifully
Guiding those who need his light
Warming those who cry on night
Supporting those who need the ray of hope
He comes and talking silently
He understand the feelings 
He's far from people 
He's far from pain
Still understand the feelings of every heart
Hides on day time
Comes out night time
To supports, to protects, to lighting for us
He brings hope for us Beautiful Moon
#beautifulnight #beautifulmoon #inspiration #lovetowrite #wordpowers #writingprompts


Nights are beautiful with full of stars and moon. They winnings the heart and give message that tomorrow will come with some good things. Beautiful Night 🌹🌌🌝
#beautifulnight #inspiration #poetry #lovetowrite #midnightpoetry #midnightquote #midnightthought

Shreya Singh bhardwaj

Shivani Sharma

अंधेरी रातों में भी सुकून मिल जाता है कभी उस चांद के तले ,

जहां खामोश  से मौसम में  कभी मद्धम मद्धम सी हवाएं चले ,

ना आने वाले कल की कोई फिक्र हो ना तकलीफों का कोई जिक्र हो ,

बस सुकून से निहारू में उस आसमान को और बदस्तूर खूबसूरती से वो चांद ढले ।

©Shivani Sharma #nojotohindi #चांद #beautifulnight