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"OUIJA BOARD -Read caption"

-Read caption

Ouija board
"Not that again!!!"
"Oh please it works.."
" It's just a piece of crap.. it's nothing"
"Then.. why don't we all give it a try?"
My sister was always into these stuffs. I don't know why but she was always into the illuminati... The free masons.. the dark spirits and whatnot.
I am hardly a religious person, I actually don't believe in such things.. So what's wrong in giving it a try?

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"love. -read caption."

-read caption.

The way he treated her it was heavens to see them both siting and eating roasted corns together..
After all she was a special child.
Yes THE special child.
She was special in her own way. At the age of 2 doctors declared her state by explaining that even after maturity she would still have the brain of a 5 year old.
But still that didn't work the moment he saw her.

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"Death. -Read caption."

-Read caption.

Read caption.
(Excerpts from my book)
You know why we are special? Cause we aren't one. We don't have just a body and mind. We have a whole diffrent personality inside us. That's what you call split personality disorder.
But that doesn't change the outlook. You may think we are just mentally retarded. Toss us aside in chains of hospitals and medicine.
The world is a cruel place. Let not flowers and butterflies chain you into the matrix of illusions. What you see isn't what's real?.. and wha

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What is your greatest pleasure?
Being the richest?
Or something more interesting for you...
Something more dark...
Darker than people can imagine??..

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"Dark thoughts...?"

Dark thoughts...?

Dark thoughts
Do u get thoughts?
Like you are away in a dreamland.. marrying the person you love the most...
Getting all your prayer answered...
Being the smartest ...
Getting rich like hell...
Looking the best.. so much that the opposite gender craves for you...

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