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who is choosen by heart
his simple eyes become wine
his simple foot steps become a way
his simple words become memory
his hands become hands holder
his shoulder becomes pillow
Everything becomes special

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They again fell in love with each other in that rainy evening on their 70th marriage anniversary

He and she both were walking on a beach holding each other hands, enjoying the company with the music of every ripples. He cuddled her, made her comfortable. Holding shoes in hands they drew their footprints on the sand. She in her blue top with white skirt slayed in the heart of him. He in his funky shirt and polite nature became the apple of her eyes. Watching birds, sitting on sand they recalled their first date. He wrote her name in sand and she completed her name by adding his name to it. Evening made the surrounding more beautiful. And suddenly the rain drops made the 70th anniversary of the old couple more alluring, more heavenly. She felt cold, he comfort her with his warm hug and with that fascinate kiss like their first kiss made that a more pulchritudinous view.

They again fell in love with each other in that rainy evening on their 70th marriage anniversary

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“I don't know where my road is going, but I know that I walk better when I hold your hand.” ...

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It's about the way they both smiles for the first time after seeing each other's name on their Phone's Screen after years

It's about the Way their hands Shaked for the First time after Years and get freshen as of the new born baby 

It's about their first Meeting after Years where Removing gaze from one another becomes as difficult as to  take a breath without Oxygen

It's about the way their Hands Brushed apparently 

It's about the real smiles they shared to each other

It's about the jokes in which they laughed together 

It's about the Way they listens to each other 

It's about the first rain and first ride they enjoyed  together

It's about them...  It's neither about Love nor About just Friendship...  It was different...  It was Special...  N it was just Them❤


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#OpenPoetry Never believe the lines on your hands that predict your future.🖐️✋
Because people who who don't have hands also have future.🌟
Believe in yourself


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