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Priya S



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If Allah wants to do good to somebody, he afflicts him with trials.

©. #Trials

Chanchal Jaiswal

#Trials life

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तसीर ख़ामोशियों का हम तुमसे क्या कहें,
चुप रहें तो जी बोले तो ज़ुबाँ जले।
यों तो बहुत आम हैं ये सब्ज़ सिलिसिले
पुकारने को आजिज़ी कोई नाम तो मिले!
उड़ने का ख़्वाब हर किसी के दिल में जज़्ब है,
पर जिसको देखिए वो ही कफ़स में है।
तेरे अश्क़ो-अशआर बशौख पी भी लें,
साक़ी मुख़्तसर हो तो, वो जाम भी तो दे...
हर कोई संभाले बैठा है छलके न पैमाना,
ज़िन्दगी किसी को यों गम बेहिसाब तो न दे!
अपनो से नज़र चुराकर कोई मिले तो क्या मिले?
यों तो कई काफ़िले कई कारवाँ मिले,
किस दर पे कहो तुमसे हम बार हाँ मिलें?

 #trials #life

Satish Chandra

चाहो तो तुम चाहे कोशिशें हज़ार कर लो,

ये इश़्क हर दफ़ा तुम्हें बिन शह के मात देगा। #FreakySatty


#इश़्क #शह_और_मात #कोशिश


Varadhan P M

#Trials #New #Famous

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Keep trying something New everytime!
  You have  wide choices.

Something might click, you might become famous too!  #trials #new #famous

Varadhan P M

No doubt failures upset us.

But if you haven't even given a try,

You don't know how much you would have missed.

Give a try and try your best 👍

Have an active morning 👍 #trials #efforts #results #success

Varadhan P M

During the interrogation and trials
In the Courts the situation is pitiable

The opponent, his lawyer know 
the truth and actually what had happened.

The defendant as well as his lawyer also
know the actual truth

Only one person in the court, The 
Honourable Judge is kept in the dark !  #accusation #complaint #trials #defender #opponent #judgement


"Trials And Lessons" #Lessons #Trials life #yqbaba

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You were the lesson,
I had to encounter, 
That ancient day.
You weren't 
The score, at all.
I thought I failed, 
When you left me;
Only, to discover, 
That I passed a trial;
When I allowed you, 
To evanesce away. "Trials And Lessons"

#lessons #trials #life #yqbaba


Of trials #Trials life love #yqbaba

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Trials are there--
Meant, either
To strengthen,
Or to crumble.
Allow them-- 
Or quash them,
To dust. Of trials

#trials #life #love #yqbaba


Love Is A Dance love #Dance life #Trials #yqbaba

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Love is a dance.
It involves a series,
Of complicated steps.
It's holding on, tightly;
Even, when
You're in the midst
Of tribulations--
And, that's when, 
Love can last. Love Is A Dance

#love #dance #life #trials #yqbaba