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My type of stuff #stuff #type poem✍🧡🧡💛 #Love

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My type of stuff

About your walk
About the way you talk
Your sweet voice 
You really do rock

About your face
About your flow and grace
Your long hair
You make me dazed

About your eyes
About your curves and thighs
Your cute lips
You make me rise

About your texts
About what could come next
Your quick wit
You leave me perplexed

About your love
About how I can't get enough
You're so kind
You're my type of stuff

©Schizology My type of stuff

#stuff #type #poem✍🧡🧡💛

Preeti Kumari


Silent type #Silent #type poem✍🧡🧡💛 #Poetry

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Silent type

He's a quiet and mellow person
He is shy but a very friendly type
He drinks rum and also bourbon
He often will puff on his pipe

He's personable and attentive
He will hold the door for you
He will never get aggressive
He will offer to tie your shoe

He will consistently say please
He will constantly say sorry
He enjoys watching the bees
He would like to go on a safari

He loves all the different animals
He is fond of all the wild flowers
He is trusting with your valuables
He will keep them safe for hours

He doesn't care for crazy drama
He won't instigate to have a fight
He loves chatting and marijuana
He enjoys music all day and night

©Schizology Silent type

#Silent #type #poem✍🧡🧡💛

Rj Sharma Vlogs

mintoo toofani

badtamiz ladke #learnfromlife #type #boy #nalayak #mintootoofani @mintoo toofani #शायरी

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Stephen Hansda

#type of people in a bus #Thoughts

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Yash Baranda

#type in comment #suspense

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Mayur Wadibhasme

#type #yqbaba

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I never understood why her "typing..." took so much time to just write "no one" whenever I asked her about her love. 

(Sadly, BACKSPACE dominated everytime) 



Whenever I Type Any Message For Her , I think :-

मेरे  अल्फाज़ों  में वो मेरा अक्स देखेगी, 
लफ़्ज़ों  को  चूम  के  वो   झूम  जाएगी, 
उसकी  तारीफ   में  लिखे   हर शेर को, 
पढ़ेगी, पढ़ती रहेगी और पढ़ती जाएगी। 
 #YQBaba #Kumaarsthought #YQDidi #हिंदी #hindi #challenge #Type #lafz #लफ्ज़ 

PS. Google images

Haseena Dudekula

#type #yqbaba

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Am I not your type ?
he asked...
Only if he knew ,
he was too late ...