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Shabana Nafees

20/4/21 नक़ाहत - weakness /debility

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उन हाथों में पत्थर हैं जो बेच आये बाज़ारों में ज़मीर अपना
नक़ाहत में झुका है सर उस ईमान का बाकी बचा जो रह गया

वो चैन में हैं वक़्त से जो मर गए कि क़फ़न तक इन दिनों किल्लत में है
जीना तो क्या मरना भी होगा दुश्वार उसका बाकी बचा जो रह गया

एक तूफ़ान यूँ आया कि बहा ले गया मेरे अंदर का शहर सारा
मैं संभालने में इन दिनों लगा हूँ वो हिस्सा बाकी बचा जो रह गया  20/4/21

नक़ाहत - weakness /debility

Akshay Vasu

The time had a sword in one hand, and the elixir in the other. For every regret, it cut the soul into two halves and eventually poured the elixir into each half, completing the halves back again. That's how it created so many of us inside us. That's how we own the faces which we never created. That's how we own the darkness and light which we will never be completely aware of.

- Akshay Vasu Sword and Elixir

#sword #elixir #akshayvasu #light #darkness #creation

Sakshi Vashist

It was eventually
The kindness of her smile
That won me over
For she would always
Be generous with that elixir
Unaware of its power

 #elixir #power #smile #win

Sai Manohar

The elixir of poetry

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Love smiles in the light, 
but grows in the darkness. The elixir of poetry


#Quotes #elixir #Love #he #nojotoenglish It's just two lines from my poem , Elixir.

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Sleep everytime and you wake me up in my dreams
Taking my soul with yours 
To a land of moonlight dimmer than your shine;

~The_littlepoet #quotes #elixir #love #he #nojotoenglish

It's just two lines from my poem , Elixir.


#Water..The elixir of life #Thoughts

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Ammy Anns

#love_shayari @elixir words #Pain # thoughts #shabd

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White Kuch to palon ka ehsaas hai or kuch ehsason k pal...

©Ammy Anns #love_shayari @elixir words #pain # thoughts #shabd

Lakshmi Menon

Music is my elixir #musicmylife #MusicalMemories #Thoughts

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Cerebral Derange

I gave you smiles of mine
I gave you beautiful elixir of love
And let you to taste it,
Never return anything from you
Except some space inside your kindy heart
To sleep like baby #buddymantra#BMwritingmarathon#aestheticchills#aestheticthoughts#smile#elixir