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Himanshu Sharma

Sanjoy Khuman

Two Demons who kill each other #Shayari

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The Demon Brothers

Once upon a time there were
Sunda and Upasunda were demon brothers. These demon brothers were so powerful that they managed to overthrow the Gods and chase them out of their heavenly city.
We have to do something! the Gods complained amongst each other.
"There is nothing we can do! cried one of the Gods helplessly.
"Why? asked another one. These brothers have a boon that they will only be killed if one kills the other! No one else can harm them, let alone kill them!
Seeing their love 💝 for each other, the chances of that seem non-existent, answerd Indra, the king of Gods. Finally, they approached Brahma with a petition against the demon duo! Brahma mused, then said, I have got it. Get the celestial architect Vishwakarma to me; Brahma instructed.
Brahma instructed Vishwakarma, Lord Architect, I need you to make an "Apsara" so beautiful that it should be one of your best pieces of work! Vishwakarma did not disappoint him. He presented Brahma with a ravishing Apsara. Brahma breathed life into the Apsara and called her 'Tilottama'.
(to be continued)....

©Sanjoy Khuman Two Demons who kill each other

Praveen Silswal "Pammi"

#Comedy #comeback

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cute boys

kill the shot #मोटिवेशनल

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RCB qualified 
for Next Round 
Wlid Card Entry

©Harshith Royal ComeBack Bengaluru 

Dhiraj Bibhar

RCB comeback #IPL2024

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Prakash Hadapad

Durga Singh


Shweta Jain peehu