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Ankit Mayank

I found a dead body in my garden today!
But that's quite strange
Because I remember hiding two in there yesterday!!! 🙄 #Horror #Killer #ShortTales #3Liners #YQBaba #YQTales #BTTalks #BoostThyself #TPMD

Subhasish Das

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It was dark outside , raining heavily.
Shoaib was going to leave Shiuli's house after enjoying the surprise bday party he had arranged for her.
She said , "Mr. Writer, you can stay here till the rain stops". He looked at her. He knew she had feelings for him, her eyes told so. He knew it was the perfect moment to burst out his feelings for her.
But what if he's just a friend, what if she gets shocked, what if she says no !
His heart told Yes, but his mind said No!
He smiled and said , "Its late , i should go, moreover i need to work on my first book. "
He left silently!

Years passed, their feelings slowly faded , rather hid themselves !

One day Shoaib was sitting at a CCD after working on his 8th book as a renowned writer, he saw Shiuli staring at him silently from the table across the room. He smiled and approached her. 
"Shiuli, what are you doing here", he asked.
" I'm waiting for Rahul, my boyfriend, i didn't tell you about him, did i " she asked.
"No" , he answered
"Why dont you wait and have some coffee with us, I would like you to meet him, he will be coming soon" she told.
He smiled and said , " No, its late anyway, I should be leaving , Have fun😃"

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Subhasish Das

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Riya and Tarun were very close to each other.They were what the school knew as BFF ! They were always on their phones sharing their thoughts and happenings.
They both had feelings for each other, but could never express..
One night Tarun texted Riya :-

Tarun - "I think i need a girlfrind now."

Riya - "Firstly its *Girlfriend not "girlfrind" dumbass.
Secondly, lol..tujse koi nhi pategi, btw relationships are complicated, being single is awesome, why the hell are you thinking of such things?" 

Tarun - "Firstly, i dont want to lose you in my life,never , secondly i need someone in my life who would be my soulmate and help me correct the mistakes i make in my way :) " 

She didn't knew what to text further. With a bright smile on her face she dialled his number which she had memorized by now.
That call lasted long than any of the calls she earlier did.

 L💓ve Quotes 
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May be she still.... #Aaj #aajbhiyaadhai shayari #shorttales #yqdidi #shayarilover #badnam

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Takleef toh mujhe ho rahi hai,
Tu kyu roh rahi hai?  May be she still....

#aaj #aajbhiyaadhai

#shayari #shorttales #yqdidi #shayarilover #badnam


Dil saaf hona chahiye mohabbat nibhane ke liye,
Chaar din ki chandni toh sabko acchi lagti hai. 
 Be involved with her.

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Fiction kitaabein aur sacche log kaha  jaldi samaj mai aate hai,
unhe Samajna pardta hai, 
Theek se samajhne ke liye unhe apna waqt dena pardta hai. 
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