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After Break up...

She found herself in a circular prison, crying, shouting. It's very dark all around. She can't hear anything or see anything around. She is in spot light. She is tiered enough, trying to break  at least one of the rods. She can escape easily after that, so she is trying hard, her best you can say. She is swetting badly, fully frustrated... She needs air to breathe and may be feeling hungry too. But at would be more than enough if she could just escape. She has forgotten everything else. She is like trying to do that for few days now... feeling very weak... She fell down unconsciously. By the time she became concious, her boyfriend is making her drink the last water drops from a bottle... sitting outside the cage. She didn't it a dream or he is really there? How is that possible...he died in an accident exactly two days ago ! She tried to confirm it's him, by touching him. As soon as she tried to touch him...he disappeared. A bright light flew away... showing a tunnel...! She realized she is in a cage in a cave... that is why it is so dark there. She woke up terrified, it's 2 am. Saturday night. She is swetting in a winter night. She immidiately checked her call her boyfriend, to see if he is alright. She realized they have broke up, it's been two months. They have blocked each other. All the memories of their togetherness flashed in front of her eyes. How he had once said her..." Yes, everyone dies and I will too one day." And she had stopped talking to him for one whole day and he was so sorry after that and he had promised he won't say like that ever again. She had got a special treat too. Now she can't even talk...she is feeling so bad...may be she can't get back to sleep either she felt. It's been a month repeatedly she is seeing such dreams of being in cage or lost somewhere in an unknown place. She has already consulted her best friend, who is a therapist and psychologist too, to help her. She is working with a nutritionist too. It's like she is doing everything she can to get rid of those thoughts and heel her broken heart. Few months back someone was her whole world and now she is feeling so lonely like at times she is feeling lost somewhere in the middle of the crowd.
Shall she call one of her friends or her Mom ? No...not the right time. It was the time she had all rights to disturb a single person but she has lost that right now. She had a glass of water, went to balcony to have some fresh air. She thought she should try to go back to sleep now. She went to bed, started reading a book she had started the day before.

#Nojoto #shortstories #Love #Life #breakupstories #nojotoenglish

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1 month ago

बहुत ख़ुश था परिंदा अपनी आज़ादी से, 
कहाँ पता था, सिर्फ़ पिंजरा बदला है,
वो अब भी वही है,


#Cage #Life #slave #परिंदा #पिंजरा #गुलाम

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2 months ago

I want to be like a bird..
Being free from cage, 
who wants to touch the sky..
Her wings were broken, but she tried..
She wants to fly until she dies..
I want to be like a bird..
Being free from cage,
Who wants to touch the sky..

#nojotoenglish #nojotoenglish

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तेरे दीदार को ठहरे हैं कफ़स में वरना
हमको पिंजरे से निकलने का हुनर आता है

saurabh 'सदफ़'

#Nojoto #nojotohindi #Poetry #Love #Cage #Pinjra #Thoughts

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उड़ चले आसमा में,
अपने हौसलो को आजमाने,
देखो वो कैद पंछी,
जो खुली हवा के हैं दीवाने,
परों को फैलाकर वो,
तैयार बैठे हैं,
अब रोक न सके उनको कोई,
इतना सैलाब लिए बैठे हैं,
बेताब है जंज़ीरों से निकलने को,
वो अपने साथ ऐसा,
विश्वास लिए निकले हैं,
वो पंछी आज फिर,
उड़ चले हैं आसमा में,,,।।

पंछी......... #Nojoto#Love#poem#Birds#Cage

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