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Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet)

Imperfect idiot who learns from his mistakes just like everyone else. I don't love myself yet I have accepted myself which is a unique case of a classic stubborn Leo. I am a B.Com Honours Graduate currently working at HPE(Hewlett Packard Enterprise) as a Sales Processing Associate.

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Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet)

If you care too less about yourself then you ought to be worried less about who else in this world is out there to care about you....
So the moral of above sarcasm is...
You are important to yourself,
And nobody (not even your parents in some exceptional cases) will care for you the way you can for yourself.

©Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet) #care #for #yourself #moral #sarcasm

Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet)

Watching you all as a spectacle is I an endless from your limited sideline,
Reading you all as a history is I a myth in your written storyline,
Remembering you all as a memory is I the recurring Celestial alignment in your marked timeline,
I am a God but not the one made of stone or an invisible force of spirit,
I am a God forever present in you since your origin but only to be diminished and replaced by a fake one,
Made of the resources for the ones needing it the most,
Made of the hopes blood sweat and tears of the ones who were made to believe in and pray to this fake God.
If you really wanna believe in something in this world then believe in yourself and you will find your God no matter how hard you are pushed back and how hard you are hit and when your God is about to give up just hold your very existence dear and close to you and yell loud to remind yourself of how you found this God inside of you.

©Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet) #Godisinyou #Bestrong #Breakthrough #Gobeyond

Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet)

Knowing the path I am on,
Isolating myself from everyone,
Is the only best possible option,
As there is already too much of negativity and problem going on,
For which there is no positivity and solution,
As I believe if I can't be a part of a solution,
Then I don't have the right to be a problem that latches on,
Keeping to myself as I move on,
Being a silent observer I will be the beacon,
That guides you to your rightful destination,
As I realize my current role that I need to play on.

©Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet) #alone #guide #beacon #destination #role

Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet)

Curled up in my shell of self loath,
Stepped down from my mantle of self growth,
Deviated from the light in my path,
Headed to the dark alley of my wrath,
I try to forget about me because I am too full of myself...
With toxicity in my thoughts,
There is acid in my tears,
Which erodes a hole in my heart,
And decays me from inside out.
As I sit and smile right at you telling you to be good to yourself and take care of yourself...
That is who I am and don't you dare to be a fool like me as it will cause you invisible pain beyond healing...
And my idea behind writing this is to warn whoever reads this that please learn your self worth before your time runs out and you get stuck in a mental fortitude like me and reach a point of no return.

©Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet) #brokenhuman #warning #saveyourself #selfworth #beinthelight

Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet)

Cosmos in its vastness is the law of synchronicity,
within which this...
Karma a fragment of its yet unsolvable equation is the law of reciprocity,
making this...
Peace as the ultimate purpose of this eternal equation of mystery waiting to be solved with the law of simplicity.

So...put your goodness out there and don't look back as the cosmos will reward you with a peace which you won't comprehend on your way ahead until you reach the end of your line and realize that you lived this life only for one purpose and that is to go back to the matter that made you and get dispersed into bursts of pure energy.

©Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet) #Cosmos #Karma #Peace #Synchronicity #Reciprocity #Simplicity

Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet)

Sometimes breaking apart from an old yourself
Is the best way of assimilating to a new trueself

©Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet) #oldyou #newyou #beyou #trueself #yourself

Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet)

In my mind dancing to the song,
I hear my thoughts sing along,
I feel my heart growing strong,
I find this beauty of healing prolong,
When the waves of my life come crashing headstrong,
I ride them bravely as they are taking me to where I belong.

©Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet) #Mind #Song #Thoughts #Heart #Strong #Waves #Life #Ride #Belong

#Mind Song Thoughts #Heart #Strong #waves Life #Ride #Belong


Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet)

Drizzling rain from the silver lined clouds I see,
Swaying leaves in the wind try to break free,
Healing this parched earth by a certain degree,
Soothing this restless mind as all my worries flee.

©Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet) #rain #silverline #clouds #heal #parched #earth #soothing #restless #mind

Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet)

He knows it in his heart that is beating,
His life force that he has been sharing,
With every piece of word that he keeps writing,
He wakes up lost in his abyss so perplexing,
His creative spirit seems to be fading,
With every shred of thought he is expressing,
He tries best of his ability for growing,
His will power is his source of living,
With every ounce of it he is nurturing,
He makes up his mind that is always thinking,
His ultimate goal that he has been aspiring,
With every opportunity in his path for achieving.

©Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet) #Heart #Lifeforce #Abyss #Spirit #Growth #Willpower #Nurturing #Mind #Goal #Achieving

Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet)

I sit hesitant wondering about my rhyme,
As I write abundant meaning in this verse full of chime,
When my distant memories come colliding to make me sublime,
And I keep loosing myself in this constant flow of time.

©Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet) #rhyme #chime #sublime #time #memories #collide #hesitant #constant #abundant #distant