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Rahul Sharma

He broke her heart and lost his dwelling  place. #place #9wordstory #yqbaba #oneliner #yqspecial #brokenheart #microtale #thisishowyoulose

Atishay jain


You look at her, then observed her
You find her attractive, now you want her
But you forget that she is not a thing
You can't force her to wear your ring
But you lost your mind lost your soul
You lost her and have heart with hole! #thisishowyoulose #broken #mistakes

CM Chaitanyaa

Dreaming with open eyes, 
That always turned wise, 
In her colorful world, 
Where everything dries, 
Never cared who you were, 
This is how you lose her.  #yqbaba #yqpoetry #yqspecial #thisishowyoulose #world #careless

Simmi Singh

You lose your heart
You lose your mind
You lose words
a thousands of them
Your heart flutters
Your mind wanders
and conversations flow
like untamed water
You lose your breath
You lose your sleep
You spend sleepless nights.

You spend sleepless nights
thinking about him,
the call you didn't receive,
the text he didn't reply,
the heart that lost it's wings,
the mind that lost it's way,
the conversations that ran dry
You lose your peace
You lose your conscience
You lose yourself 
before you lose your guy
And, that's how you lose him. 35/365
#thisishowyoulose #yqbaba #yqbabachallenge #365days365quotes #writingresolution

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