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I can't believe how people can appreciate and remember the sacrifice of their wife, rather than their own Mother.
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नही आती मुझे समझ यह छोटी सी जिंदगी,
और अब शायद मै समझाना भी नही चाहती,
क्योंकि बहुत देखे है मेने,
इंसानो को बदलते हुए,
उनको माँ के बलिदानो से ज्यादा अपनी पत्नी के बलिदान अधिक याद होते है।
Hey Ladies, wait, if you are coming to beat me up, just wait😅😅... i will explain you the reason too. firstly think about the quote is it true or not?
and let me explain you, I am not criticizing anyone, because it's very good to appreciate your wives, because they are the ones who leaves there Family just only for you.
You may be questioning, that why I am writing this na ... today I have read one book, I won't tell author's name and the name of book, but it happened with me many times that I have seen the book was dedicated to his wife, and apx 50 words are written in her appreciation and bla bla..... Can't you give some space for your Mother too???

This is not only the case, I have seen many things around my world and even we can see construction of Old age homes, is this is our values and morals? is this is our culture?.. Is this is what we are teaching to our children, or the values we are giving to them.

I am not in against anyone not in support, and thus reality which I came up with, most of you have seen in your homes or around them.

Everyone play different role in there small life, and we all are very well aware of that...

The main purpose of my quote is to tell that each women, whether she is a girl, daughter, wife, mother and all other relations plays an important role in your life, and you can't deny others to appreciate one.

Hit me up if you have liked my quote, also share your views . tell me whether I am right or wrong, your feedback and suggestions are mostly welcomed.
#realityoflife #realityofpeople #realityofworld @isha's column @the_column_girl

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हाल ऐ दिल जताए कैसे
दर्द को अपने सुनाए कैसे
उलझने तो बहुत हैं मन में
उन्हें लफ्जों में बताए कैसे #NojotoQuote

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तेरे प्यार में  WHAT IS LOVE ?
could anyone explain me ?

Pls anyone who could explain me do comment ?
could anyone explain me ?

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You can explain things to someone, but you cannot understand it for them.
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Explain quotes

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You can explain things to someone, but you cannot understand it for them
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Explain quotes

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