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"My Best Friend ......................"

My Best Friend ......................


Even I have a lot of arrogance, but it works for me, move on, elegance, oracular, act like an alliance. Significant eligible ligature - Snatch your half dome or domestic signature!

I trust everything I believe in, however, I would never believe that I could fully satisfy myself with my writing.

I'll give up my writing just once after fully satisfied, like a happy customer. This is a Chinese philosophy - Well known I knew that ever blazed & for the best shining!

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#Smile #Miracle #Revolving #Axis
I have a great plan of revolving in a larger circle, even I know that one life isn't enough for the same -be careful!
I've only a wish, I want to be with U, it's now & forever..
#worldneedsmoreof #great #Heartysoul #Heart #poor #rich #face #circleoflife 💫🌈🧘🧚🕉️

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#forever #Revolving 💞 #Evolution #Happiness 🧚🍀💫
Whatever you carry in your heart, the reflection of your skills becomes your evolutionary theory of the visionary world.
When the mind becomes fringe, it refuses applesauce, the evaluation reveals its upheaval cringe solution, evolution in affection, that brings the revolutionary movement against insolence; insulation prevails.

Balance in valence: Keep your mind in a peaceful insulation over insanity.

When you become water, you flow as its nature

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"If you care of"

If you care of

A relationship based on similar interests, it's known, but travel can tie together far better when they are completely unknown. Let's read more travel guides!
#Relationship #Travel #Revolving 💞 #Travel #world 🌎 #Tied #together #loveforever #Care #compassion 🕉️🧚

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You are like a river in the vacation, always changing its streaming along with location; the only barrier is the egoism & if you hold, it might stay with you so long without changing the place, and it's also called lack of enthusiasm.
I'm also enjoying weekend vacation, watching a river streaming & trying to understand its origin connection with our relation.
A relationship based on similar interests, it's known, but travel can tie us together far better when we are traveling through completely

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