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According to the CDC, suicide is now the
2nd leading cause of death among young people
In a recent study 50% of parents whose adolescent
was thinking of killing themselves were unaware of
their child's intention.
While it is not easy to discuss, silence is suicide's
best friend. .......
Q Why do people commit suicide?
Supposed answers:
1. Everything goes out of control.
2. They get cheated on.
3. They are tired of ife.
4. They are dumped.
5. They fail in examination.
6. Many more.
"You're not good enough."
"Hahahahah, How can you forget your things
an nywhere."
'Ay, you're so irresponsible."
"How can't you even pass such an easy test."
"You behave so weird, everyone is laughing at you."
"Your dressing doesn't look good."
"0 you have mental health problems, get yourself
admitted in a mental hospital. Lol."
"Stop acting like you ain't fine."
"Its nothing, it's just in your mind."
She put her hands on her ears, and started
screaming, "Please stop it, please someone stop all
these voices, please stop it! I can't behold it please, I
cant tolerate the pain anymore, please someone
stop it."
She moved towards the table where her mother kept
fruits with a knife in a tray. She glanced at em'
moved her hand towards em' took the knife and
stopped all the voices!
So i jst wanna say something to all of you.... Suicide is never a solution. Try sorting out your
problems. Seek for help. If someone gives up on you,
don't lose hope. Another person would still be there
for you, they will be there to help you heal, to lighten
your scars. Just look out for that person. And if you
still dont find them, just go and stand in front of the
mirror, and yell at how stupid you are to even think
of giving up on your life. Embrace yourself for who
you are. Don't let others get you down. They haven't
been through what you have. They don't know what
it feels to be you. Then why should YOU let them
decide whether or not your life is worth living? Just
think about it.

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many problems will arise
most of da problems vanish


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problems are common but not the attitude to solve.

#Problems are common

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When things go really wrong, 
Play a relaxing & loving song. 
Take rest and make a coffee, 
Feel relax and make you cozy. 
Because things will not change, 
why do we make mind insane. 
Now think about your solutions, 
Relax will strengths for motion. 
So take a chill pill problem solve, 
Try this 'Kiran' when things go wrong...

#thingsgowrong #kiranquotes #Problems #Solutions #Coffee

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#YeMerayWattanKaSehraHai #Pakistan #Sindh #Politics #Nojoto #Nojotovoice #nojotoapps #Problems #Poetry #kirankhan Mukesh Poonia Sachika Gupta Internet Jockey Bhagat Sahil Paidi Hemalatha

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